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What is Attraction Style and why is it important?

Attraction is more than just intimate physical chemistry between two people. It is about your personal qualities that guide attention and interest towards you.

If you are consciously aware of your Attraction Style you can successfully use it for directing the attention to where you please. You can influence what kind of people you are going to attract in your life either for business or for love - the energy is the same for both.

  • Would you like to get some clarity over what drives you towards your success?

  • Do you sometimes doubt yourself and/or your decisions?

  • In the hectic of the modern world, do you tend to forget at times what you are all about?

  • Do you sometimes wonder why you are doing things the way you do?

  • Did you ever catch yourself wondering what made your partner fall in love with you?

  • Here's what you will discover

    about after taking the Quiz

  • The order and ratio of your Attraction Style™ elements you most probably express.

  • What is your most likely dominant precious element and what it represents.

  • What are your dominant characteristics that determine the way you attract people.

  • What are your strong points you should emphasize and lead with.

  • What do people hire you for.

  • What does your intimate partner love you for.

  • What you need to pay special attention to when it comes to your appearance.

  • What will follow after the Quiz and what steps you can take today.

  • The Quiz consists of 20 questions and should take you about 10 minutes to complete.

    Its purpose is to give you an overall idea of where you are at the moment and the choices you can make to take it from there. The best part is, I'm here to support you all the way, you don't have to make these choices on your own.

    What happens after you take the Quiz?

    You will receive 5 emails that will lead you through your results and take you deeper into your Attraction Style journey. Depending on how well you know your true self, it can take you through either many aha-moments or some surprising adventures.

    After that, you will receive monthly learning about attraction, style, attitude, and how to expand, enhance and upgrade your very own unique style. 

    Along the way, you will learn how to create a functional wardrobe while saving additional time, money and minimizing the decision fatigue many solopreneurs suffer from.

    Take Your Attraction Style™ Quiz

    Here’s what others are saying

    Monika works in a family business and asked me to help her refresh her style when she returned to work after having two children.

  • Ana is very dedicated to working with her clients. She gives short but clear instructions on how they can find their new look on their own as well as improve their general wellbeing.

    Before the makeover, Monika didn’t pay much attention to her appearance, but now I don’t leave my house without my lipstick.

    I’m noticing that people whom I meet on a day-to-day basis are starting conversations with me and if nothing else, they at least look at me.


  • Mojca is a freelance graphic designer that was looking for some help to upgrade her style and make it exceptionally unique and elegant so she can stand out from the crowd.

  • Ana,

    Thank you for the thorough feedback (you never seize to surprise). In the end, I felt a little gap because when I looked at my closet, I saw that nothing is aligned with me except for maybe two outfits. Well, at least I have some theoretical background now. And I have to beat the white color out of my head … and the black color as well.

    Kind regards,


  • I was introduced to Polona by her photography class teacher. As she loves attending classes, she was curious about what I had to offer. Here is what she had to say after taking one of my classes.

  • Dear Ana,

    Yesterday we returned from our vacation and there was your surprise gift in the mailbox waiting for me. Thank you so much, it made me so happy.

    Let me wish you a successful 2015 as well, and that you will be able to do as many things as possible that bring you joy!

    One more thing, my dear style guru: my most recent purchases have been made in the spirit of my element, my closet is getting filled with colors and bold pieces and my lips are accompanied by a fuchsia pink lipstick… All in all, a little here and there goes a long way!

    Thank you again and I just know we will meet again.

    Have a beautiful evening.


  • Mateja is an accountant and was invited to one of my workshops by her friend. She attended to have some lady-time fun with her friend.

  • Thank you, Ana, for the super workshop, for the abundance of advice and comments.

    The workshop gave me a lot more than I had anticipated. 

    Kind regards,


  • What you can expect from my content and services

  • More clarity about yourself

  • Confident style decisions

  • Less decision making

  • Additional free time

  • Additional saved money

  • More free space in your closet

  • Better results that are aligned with your preferences

  • Meeting positive, like-minded women

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